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Heritage Preservation

SFHA conducts extensive research on the tremendous range of contributions African Americans have made to North Carolina and specifically to the Sandhills region. Our research and findings are available to the general public through written documents, audio tapes, video cassettes, CD's, DVD's, photographs, heritage tours, and community workshops.

Outreach Education

Community Education workshops bring people together for discussions related to land ownership, local history, family health, economic development, and community assets. Information from our research serves as an educational tool to introduce our youth to their heritage, build community pride, and strengthen family and community bonds.

Protection of Land & Natural Resources

SFHA is an advocate for preservation of Black-owned land in the North Carolina Sandhills. Our Land Retention Program provides research, education, and assistance to landowners who want to save and protect their land and natural resources.

Economic Self-Sufficiency

Our African American Heritage Tourism program links together cultural heritage preservation, entrepreneurial development, and education to showcase historical areas in the Sandhills where African Americans have made significant impact. We promote development of small locally-owned businesses and farmer's and handcrafter's market to provide jobs and strengthen our local economy.